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"I have too much energy. I’m learning to channel it instead of letting it burn me."
"How does it burn you?"
"It can keep me from focusing. It causes me to think about a million things at once."
"Are you manic?"
"Do you take medicine?"
"No. I just wear a weight vest under my clothes while I’m working, then after work I run until the batteries are done."

Sounds like #OT to me. #sensory

Incredibly honored to be mentioned by these greats. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I am so thankful for occupational therapy and the connections I have made with these incredible occupational therapists.  They are more than colleagues.. they are family. 

Happy OT Month and please check out this month’s OT Practice! - Marie Sherwood theotsiproject

Thanks for sharing Susan Burwash and cites research by Anita Hamilton, by Rashid M Kashani, mentions work done by Eastern Washington University OT students, and the remarkable Marie Sherwood OT to mention just a few more. We were naming names and sharing the work of the globally connected and mobile OTs who are doing great things. And there were more, but those darn word limits.
YAY!! Got a copy of our article! ft apps created by Angela Hook, Sarah Bodell, Robbie Ellett, & Rayya Ghul — with Tina Champagne and Susan Burwash. Brock Cook
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